Sunday, March 13, 2011

ISSUED 18 ...?

So to listened with readings click video and then contuned readings for multimediemed experimints.

First song is Crap Girl record she is dancing. Click and read on.

Now to be reading the montag with this song:

And last sad song that Crap Man does dnaces to.

OK. The comic is overed so go away now.


  1. Best multimedimemed comik ever. Worries though now though that Crap Man and Crap Girl have the different ideeas about the nittee grittees. Will Crap Man needs to have the choclets now and then the frettings now cos the Crap costume starts to be a little snug now? Dilemmas now!

  2. Crap Man will not do the comfortabled eatings now but he will watched the last bit of Ring of Bright Water on loops and cry the badness out of his systim and then be ready to fighted evil.

  3. Everything was not granded!! Crapman left a whitesnake song! How are you gonna fixes this?